Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Familiar?? At all??

Please say yes. Please tell me you have days like this too.

Pictures in reverse order of how I wanted them, as per usual.

Even my poor tree doesn't escape.
Look at that pathetic tinsel, just all bunched up and trying to hang in there till Christmas Day. The decoration are practically non-existent now. I don't know where Clary's hidden there. How is it that there is just sooo much to do in the lead up to Christmas. I told Ruby I had to get a lot of work done today and that I wanted her and Clary to play together and entertain themselves so I could get on with it.
So I now have half nekkid kids running riot through the house. Amongst other things in the above picture is: dirty dishes, shoes and toys randomly discarded, vacuum cleaner (I love you, please don't die on me like the microwave did yesterday), saucepan on the floor (Clary), and a parcel on the table which means I have to head back to the post office. Have already been once today.

But this last picture pretty much sums up life over the last few days.
And please don't mention how pathetic it is to have one sad looking Christmas bell hanging from the ceiling with no other decorations. I know.
Better get back to it. Hope you are coping with the pre-Christmas madness.


Anonymous said...

oh Brenda, trying not to laugh... i know exactly how you feel, my house is constantly looking much like yours, it is a uphill battle isn't it!!

jodyg said...

Ha ha ha. Very familiar indeed although luckily Jack is happy just to tingle all the bells on the tree and just leave them there. The rest of my house though looks pretty much the same!!
Ahhhh Christmas, such a magical time. Seriously though, I do LOVE Christmas but was having a very house/child stressful beginning to the month. I'm medicated now and things seem much better!! LOL, just kidding, but I actually did start taking herbal tablets to help me relax a bit so maybe they are working or maybe it's just that the big list of commitments I had on our blackboard are now fulfilled!!
Oh and btw, I love the single bell, very minimalist in style. ;P

Elli said...

Yep, I went all out this year too, LOL. Tree is just passable, have a small single bell above my computer desk, a folding star thing hanging just inside the front door, and cheap and nasty wreath on front door. The lights on the front of my house have been there since last year (saves time that way, LOL).

BTW, I automatically upload my photos in reverse order so that by the time blogger messes them up they are usually the right way round. Didn't quite work with the photos of my Christmas tree though...