Monday, December 15, 2008

The Dress I Had To Make

Bloody blogger!! We have back to front order of photos again, such a pain.

Anyway this really is the dress I knew I would have to make. I've actually been making it in my head for the last 12 months, but finally I sat down, put sciccors to shirt and made it reality.
Ruby (and Clary for that matter) is obsessed with trains, as most kids are. My partner works for Queensland Rail. Ruby is obsessed with trains and her Dad.
So, naturally enough, she's been waiting for this dress for a while. Complete with reflective strips and dodgy button holes. I stuffed up the first button hole, as I often do, but decided it actually worked in favour of the whole deconstructed-work-shirt-reconstructed-as-a-dress thing. You know, the industrial look, LOL.

I used only one shirt to make it (it's just backed with a fairly light weight kind of denim I found at the op shop) but had to chop it up and kind of patch work it together to get a piece big enough to cut the dress out of. Again, I think it just adds to the look :)

So yes, it's very, ahhhhh, orange, but it looks good on, especially if she is accompanying Dad who also has his nice orange shirt on.
Note: Not appropriate for the girly girl. Obviously.


Helen said...

Oh, that is a fantastic idea and that idea could be used for all sorts of other uniforms.

I would imagine that dress would be quite a hit with mates at QR as well!

Elli said...

I love it! Managing to use the bit of reflector with the QR symbol is brilliant, too!