Monday, December 22, 2008

Apple Pie

Ok, the apple pie which took two days to get made is finally done. We filled it up with apple. Ruby would have been quite happy for it to be finished then and there. Topped it with pastry and some fairly poorly constructed pastry leaves.
Yes, they're supposed to be leaves people.

I debated about what kind of pastry to make (shortening - is it butter or copha? Apparently the answer is Crisco which is an American thing, not available on the shelves in Australia). In the end I went with Rees' recipe which you can find here. I used copha instead of Crisco.

I think next time though, I will use butter. The texture of the pastry was fine, nice and flaky, but the actual pastry (not the whole pie) was quite tasteless I thought.

Unfortunately the kids didn't really like it so, as I had cut three pieces, I've just eaten three pieces of apple pie. With cream.

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Sarah said...

As always, this has cheered me up no end (while I reach for another chocolate from the box of Favourites next to computer), after a crappola day. I love your blog. Keep at it! And a Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful children (and husband!).