Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Really. Have you ever visited a friend, maybe family, and seen the likes of this.
Child lock on pantry.
Child lock on freezer.

Child lock on fridge. Would you wonder what kind of animals the kids were??
I would.
If it wasn't my house.
This has just become our normal, but I've never seen anyone else do it.
My kids cannot stay away from food.
Although, yes, I do in fact feed them. Well I try to anyway.

And while photographing my fridge (this, also, is normal behaviour, isn't it?), I knew I had to share these magnets I got a few weeks ago.

So true to life.


Elli said...

Love your magnets!

The best one I have says "The only thing domestic about me is I live in a house", which I had to have since it was so very me.

Sarah said...

I have one of these old posters, I think it is actually the lady in the stripey shirt, next to my fridge, but mine says "one more job to do and then it's gin and tonic time". My 6 year old learned to read this year, but has only just begun applying this skill to her immediate surroundings. So yesterday I had to try explain what gin and tonic time is. So anyway, enjoy these til Ruby learns to read.