Monday, June 30, 2008

Random stuff.

It's been a while since I last posted. I've been feeling very ho-hum about the old blog. Mainly because I started this to help motivate me with my creative stuff but I've just been doing nothing of late. I have been a bit overwhelmed just with the house and the kids. Everything just got on top of me. In trying to do everything I have been doing nothing. Blah.
I have just spent a couple of days really attacking the house, and I'm hoping that if I keep at it for, say another week or so, I might get this house, paperwork etc, sorted enough for me to get on with other more interesting things.
I feel like laughing even as I typed that because, really, as if I'm ever going to get this crap sorted out, LOL.
I can dream.
Anyway I have made a dress for Ruby. Yes it's the same old, same old pinni pattern.
If I could fit more pictures into this post I would post the one I took before this one, with her poking tongues and giving three year old attitude.

The only reason she changed her attitude is because I told her that if she got happy and let me take a picture I would let her watch the cartoons.

I got these cute fairy cake (cupcake) papers at Woolworths the other day, they are so cute. There are strawberry, banana, cherry, and whatever the purple fruit is, plums?? I thought I might use them for scrapbooking, flatten them out and journal on them.

Now I put 'random' in the title of this post so I can just put whatever I want in it. Like these cute little shoes. I got them at the op shop. It was one of those op shops that you dream about finding. Full of stuff, and everything as cheap as chips. Lots of kids clothes, ranging from 10cents to one dollar. These shoes are leather, by OshKosh, and cost me just 50cents. Bargain.

Lastly are these little beauties. Fingerless gloves. Great for keeping your wrists warm. Perfect for people like me who hate the cold and just want to rug up every little part of their body. I got these at a little craft stall for $4.
And I prefer to think of them as funky, rather than the 'gaudy' that they might actually be in reality.

OK, I hope it won't be as long before I post next.
As you can tell I don't actually put a lot of thought into my posts. I don't plan them. I just jump on here and type. I'd like to put a little more thought and time into this. We'll see what happens. Life is so busy.


jodyg said...

So jealous that you got MORE bargains from vinnies. Did you see mine?
PMSL at the fingerless gloves.
Good luck getting your house sorted. It is a bit of an impossible task really isn't it.

Elli said...

The Diva's pinny is very cute and so are the shoes from the op shop.
Nothing wrong with your funky fingerless gloves! Do they have individual fingers or is it just one large hole? Being both purple and cable knit makes them funky - as opposed to mine, which are beige and just scream "bag lady" (I'll have to email you a pic)

ingrid said...

The dress is gorgeous! And looks fabulous with those boots!