Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kewpie love

Sneaking a quick post in here while the visitors are glued to the box. I had an hour to myself this morning to took some pictures of my new kewpie dolls. I love kewpie dolls, they are just so sweet.
I loved them as a kid but, as an adult whenever I've found them they are usually a little bit expensive to justify buying. You know, 'cause big girls shouldn't be buying dolls 'n all. But I found these little babies at the Pumpkin Festival. Of course. They were five bucks a pop. Wish I'd got a couple more.

I practiced a bit of photoshop on the one above. Trying to go for a bit of a vintage look. I don't know if it just looks washed out instead.
And kewpie dolls AND gumboots like that, how could you possibly go wrong?

The kids love them too, and the girls are regularly armless. The blue one had only one arm when I took these pictures but I have since found the lost arm and all girls have both arms restored. For now.
Kewpie silhouette.

These came from the Pumpkin Festival and it's so nice to have them in my house. I have five kewpies now, does that make me a collector?
Gotta go, don't want to get caught out and have people taking the piss out of my blog.

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jodyg said...

Love the kewpies!!