Wednesday, June 18, 2008


If you haven't yet discovered the joy of Etsy, get over there now and have a good look around. Really. I love that from the comfort of your own home you can browse through hand made goodies from all corners of the globe. Most of it, I think, very well made while some of the things you can find are just plain obscure. Go and have a look.
I have bought a few things off Etsy, the most recent is this custom made photo pendant which I gave my sister for her birthday.

It was made by a lovely Etsy lady called Emily who does gorgeous resin pendant jewellery which I love. Must start writing out a little Etsy Christmas wish list for myself.

What's that you say, Christmas is soooo far away? Yes it is but guess what?! I have actually made a good dent on my Christmas shopping, as of yesterday. I was out and about shopping with my sister when we stumbled upon a treasure trove of goodies marked way down and then and there I took care of quite a few family members Christmas presents. Sad, aren't I. But I was so excited to have made a start AND saved myself a packet of money too. Can't tell you what I got. Spys 'n all, you know.

But just thought I'd put it out there that it's just never too early to start. I think with any occasion that involves the amount of money that Christams does makes it OK to start mid-year, LOL. And I know it's not about money, but even if you were hand making all your Christmas presents you'd still be spending a heap. In fact if you were making your gifts you'd probably be spending more than you would if you were buying them.
So there you go, do yourself a favour and think about Christmas early (OK you don't have to start as early as I have), think hand made, think Etsy.

And just because I think they're gorgeous, check out these two girls I picked up at the op shop the other day. Their hair is not in good shape but I love them.

So so cute.

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Natasha said...

Love the pendant.

Going to have to check her shop out :)