Friday, July 11, 2008

Community Service Announcement

Back up your files people.


At the very least have it done by the time you go to bed tomorrow.

Old computers die.
New computers die.
'Reliable' computers die.
Just thinking/talking about backing up ain't going to be good enough when smoke starts streaming out the back of your laptop.

Trust me.

I haven't had it confirmed that I've lost everything. But the smoke that came out isn't making me feel to hopeful.

I've been without my beloved laptop for one week, stealing a few minutes on my sisters computer at the moment.

Hopefully I'll be back soon.

At least it was still covered by warranty.



jodyg said...


We know how you feel though. Owen just fried his harddrive.

Anonymous said...

oh no!!!!!
luckily we were able to get everything off ours before it carked it! fingers crossed you haven't lost everything!

Natasha said...

Oh no. I hope you haven't lost everything.

I have been thinking for a while to back everything up. Just don't really know how to!

amberlee said...

Oh man I so hope you get your stuff back. Unfortunately I had to learn this way too. Now I have a redundent drive constently backing up my files. I would never have paid the money for one had I not gone through the same thing!