Friday, July 25, 2008

On the Road Again

We had a nice day with my Mum and Dad, one of my sisters and my nephew, for my Dads' birthday today. We had a roast lunch and cake, the party didn't get too wild, LOL.
At least it's stopped raining for a bit so we could get out of the house. I do love it when it rains but I've just spent two full days housebound with the kids, and lots and lots of washing. In fact, it's 11pm and my washing machine and dryer are still going.
Have spent the evening getting sorted for our little road trip, just thought I'd make a quick post before I hit the sack.
-Bags are packed and in the car. Will probably have to go down to the car in the morning and ferret stuff out, or add to the bags, I guess.
-Lunch boxes are packed and waiting to go in to the esky in the morning.
-I am armed to the eyeballs with snacks for the kids (as usual). I'm a tuckshop on wheels, most days :)
-Car is fueled up ($95!!! and that won't even get us there)
-Car emptied of week old snack remnants and other crustys', vacuumed. Ready for more crustys to be hidden. The current favourite for the kids is squashed up strawberries, mashed into the upholstery.
-Camera battery charged.
-Mobile phone charged.
Only about 900km between us and our destination.
Hopefully we can avoid all the fools on the road.
Just got to write my last-minute-things list.

So that's see ya later from me and Clary. Ruby's standing by her No-Pictures Policy.

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jodyg said...

Hope your trip went okay and you had a good time.
Love the doily scarf.