Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little flag boy

Forgive me for posting pictures with no 'real' post but I just want to share these. I took them this afternoon and I really like them.
This cheeky, out of the sides of his eyes look he's giving here - he gives that to me all the time.

There's been a lot of debate about the 'appropriateness' of our flag over the years, but, to be honest, I quite like our flag and I'd be a bit sad if it were changed.
OK, just editing this to add that, yes, I know the flag is actually upside down and back to front but, hey, when you're working with a 19 month old boy you've just gotta take what you get sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, My name is Kelly and I found the link to your blog via the EB website. I was doing a search for "Gympie" on there and found a thread that you were apart of and thought hmmm I'll check this blog out :) We are in Nth Qld and are thinking of heading back to Brissy but trying to find some country joy instead of city bussel but information of Gympie seems few and far between.

What a wonderful job you have done on your blog - I too am a vintage loving, wish I could/have more time to sew magnificent creations, etsy buying, photo taking, op shopping lover from way back.
I wanted to mention your photos are just lovely. I especially like the pic of your son eating mulberries :) Reminds me of my white clothes wearing days having massive mulberry fights with the kids in the neighbourhood. Ahh good times.

I'm also making my way through your suggested blogs (anything to avoid housework hey).
Take Care
Kelly x

jodyg said...

I LOVE those photos Brenda. They are just gorgeous. Great composition and with such a gorgeous model how could anyone be offended by the upside down back to front flag.
I like our flag too and have it out the front of our place. :)

Brenda said...

Thanks Jody!
Kelly, hope you'll come back and visit me.
My sister lives in Gympie, ummmm, not that helps you what-so-bloody-ever, LMAO!

Elli said...

He's just way too cute, Brenda.

Those who could overlook his cuteness to be upset about the upside, down back to front flag, would be more worried about it touching the ground - GASP, OMG!

(And no, you get no points for guessing who did flag duty for assembly in primary school, LOL)