Monday, October 20, 2008


I love, love. love this time of the year, the weather is so nice. The place next door to us has a mulberry tree in the back yard and there is no-one living there at the moment so we've been helping ourselves :)
Ruby and Clary are quite partial to mulberries too and I have learnt over the last few weeks that soda water is great for getting mulberry stains out of clothes. They prefer to wear at least one white thing while picking/eating mulberries, LOL.
When we raided the tree yesterday a bit of a tussle broke out over the bowl of berry goodness. As you can see Ruby had already done herself up as a cat earlier in the day. Yes, she was a cat, not a zebra as I first thought. Check out Clarys' mouth here, he looks as though he's been ripping heads of live chickens with his mouth or something. Yucko.
Anyway, they buried the hatchet to sit down and polish off the rest of them. They didn't leave anything in the bowl so we went back today to get some more to make mulberry pies. We still only came home with enough to make one little pie as they ate so many in between the tree and home.
I do think Clary won in the race to eat the most mulberries though.
Don't get between this kid and his food. He's scary.


ingrid said...

hahaha Fabulous post!
I remember picking mulberries on the way home from school as a kid and my mum would be furious when our uniforms got stains all over them!

I am still having a giggle over Clary the chicken head ripping maniacal toddler, LOL.

jodyg said...

Yuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm mulberries!! The house we used to rent had a big old mulberry tree.
Apparently to remove mulberry stains you rub them with a green (unripe) mulberry. Natural antidote. lol. I'm pretty sure I've used it on my hands and I think a friend of mine tried it with success.
Can't wait to see the pie if you ever get enough mulberries.

Sue xx said...

OMG Brenda what was his nappy like the next day LOL
Sue xx