Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Back home again. We had a really good holiday (a few bloody awful days, but that's the norm for family holidays, isn't it? ISN'T IT??) and I didn't really want to come home, but as soon as we got here, oh, just so nice to be home.
The weather was pretty good, only got overcast and then rained on the last four days.
The kids loved the beach, more the sand than the water. They had some dabbling of the toes (Clary), and even a few quick dips in to the water (Ruby) but they were way more interested in just playing in the sand. Digging in it, rolling in it, throwing it. Oh, and of course, filling their pants with it. This castle is living out it last seconds here as Ruby moves in to destroy it. We had a great house to stay in, with everything we needed and straight across the road from the beach.
Ruby even went off to the movies with her Dad for the first time (on one of the rainy days). They went to see Wall-E and almost saw the whole movie before she announced "I want to go home"

Before we got to the beach we spent a week out west at the mother-in-laws'. Again, the kids had a blast, lots of kids to play with, went to the pool every day, spoilt rotten by many, many people. The road trip from Grandmas' to the beach, though,..............not so much fun. After seven hours driving on the first leg we opted for two rooms at the motel so MrSecondstitch and I didn't have to look at each other for a while. I debated for about half a minute about putting that bit in here as so many bloggers seem to have these lovely holidays where everything is blissful as they breakfast at gorgeous gourmet cafes and break up the road trips with visits to the wineries on the side of the road. We had breakfast one day at a darling little truck stop (can't beat them for a decent feed), and broke up our road trips with arguments, LOL. Travelling long distances with the whole family can be stressful.
So anyway after seven hours the first day, and about two hours sleep that night, we had another seven hours to go the next day. It probably would've been about 5 hours if I'd had a better look at the map, but really, is that even relevant? While we were out bush we went out to the sale yards (cattle) so Clary could see the trucks being loaded, as he is completely MAD about trucks right now. He was a happy boy. Fancies himself as a big truckie I think. Although with the level of excitement he displays when the garbage truck does its' weekly run I think he'd be just as happy being a garbo. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
OK, I hope I haven't bored you too much. Best I get to bed.

Oh, how could I not share this with you? We came home to a deep freezer which had been turned off for two weeks (Thank you MrSecondstitch. He got a little over-excited in his 'turn off all the power points rampage)
I would not even know where to begin describing the smell to you. I am a nurse and I have smelt some rotten stuff over the years, but our freezer totally won the stench war I tell you. My eyes were watering, and my nose just wanted to end its' life.
Don't let it happen to you.


jodyg said...

Oh yuck at the freezer!! I bet that was awful.
Love the photos. Have to say I don't blame Ruby for not watching all of Wall-E, it's a little boring.
Are they viking horns Mr Second Stitch is wearing?

ingrid said...

I completely understand the seperate rooms. I have been tempted to do the same thing after long drives.

And ICK to the fridge. At least you are home safe and sound even if it is smelly!

Elli said...

LOL @ truck stops and arguments breaking up long drives. Been there, done that!

So your freezer defrosted? At least there weren't maggots this time. Please say there weren't maggots... (I have a "thing" about maggots)