Sunday, November 16, 2008

But wait, there's more.

Ugh, blogger has uploaded my pictures all crazy so lets start at the back of the dress here.
Same dress, different table cloth, LOL.
And excuse the dodgy pictures. Yes, the dress is lying on a driveway for these. It also wasn't quite finished. I couldn't do the straps up as I hadn't finished the button holes. I lost my stitch ripper thingy and bought a cheap one and it was just blunt and horrible. When I went to get another one the lady in the shop nearly had a heart attack when I told her I wanted it for doing button holes.
I've always done my button holes like this, what's everyone else doing?? Are you using weeny little sciccors to do it??

Anyway I like this dress. Would have been kind of a crazy horsey table cloth though.

And check out this poor little fella. His Dad did it. Fancies himself as a bit of a master home hairdresser apparently. Says "It's only two weeks between a good haircut and a bad one"

He's such a trooper though, just soldiering on like he's not looking like some disastrous result of a mis-guided bowl-cut experiment.


ingrid said...

Fabulous dress and not so fabulous haircut. It gave me a giggle though and reminded me of the matching bowl haircuts my sister I sported in the mid seventies.
I have to say though if anyone is cute enough to pull off such a do it is your little guy. He is so boy-ishly scrumptious.

Natasha said...

I just love the dress.

I love horses.

Elli said...

What is it with dads and home haircuts? Steve did Cheyenne's again the other day while I was out...(only because I'd stop him if I was home!)

The horse tablecloth looks heaps better as the dress!

WTF? Of course you're supposed to use a QuickUnpick for buttonholes - that's how they taught us in Home Ec!