Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Day in the Life

Clarys' day.
It starts with a bowl of cereal (or two), and a good book. Very bad manners to read at the table, but you can get away with it when you're under two, so make the most of this time. Suck up to sister early in the day. Look smug while doing so.

Be prepared to be hard. If others get smug you may have to wipe the smirks off their faces.

If you do choose to go around smacking people (especially if it's Ruby) in the face, you then have another decision to make.
Prepare for battle.............

.................or grab yourself another good book and hide your cheeky little ass.

Note: all photos in this post were taken on the same day and Ruby has allowed him to live to see another day


jodyg said...

Brenda, your photos are just so gorgeous. Do you shoot in black & white or convert them? Your tones are so crisp!!

Sarah said...

heh heh, love your blog, just hilarious. Your children are gorgeous, bad haircuts or no (but maybe the fringe is a tad high ROFL).

Elli said...

Just love Clary's serious expression in the first pic - you'd swear he was reading the doom and gloom financial section of the paper.
The viking helmet one is too, too gorgeous!