Friday, January 25, 2008

We love books all the time

Went to the op shop today and was very good, hardly bought anything! Got a new handbag for two bucks, and a couple of books, about 50cents each, I think.

We have rather an excessive amount of books in this house. Books, books, and more books. Cannot get enough of them. Need more book shelves though.

Got this Make Toys and Presents book which has some easy peasy kids craft stuff in it.

Like the old 'two cans and a piece of string' phone, remember making those?? Now even I'm capable of doing that. I am very guilty of not doing enough crafty stuff with Ruby because I think 'Well I have to get all this stuff out, then make a big mess, Ruby will lose interest in a nanosecond, blah, blah, blah', we decide to do something else instead. But the stuff in this book is so basic and easy which = good.

Ah, note the rubber band gun. I'm sure Ruby would love one of these.

The other book is Moonlight, and I love this book so much. It has no words, just the sweetest pictures ever. I found another one of these books (by Jan Ormerod) a while ago, Sunshine, and fell in love with the pictures so I was very excited to find another one.
Moonlight is about a little girl getting ready to go to bed. She has her supper, has a bath and her Dad puts her to bed. The little one stays in bed for a minute, then she's up...............Dad puts her to bed again...............then she's up. Mum puts her to bed.............she's up..............then Mum and Dad put her to bed again. Sound a lot like bed time in this house really. It is so sweet.
I hope these pictures will load so you can see them too

Oh, just to explain the title of this post, it comes from Ruby. Her latest little thing is whatever she loves, she loves 'all the time'.
"Mummy, I love Daddy all the time"
"Mummy, I love trains all the time"
Whatever it is that she loves, she loves it 'all the time', she's such a funny little thing :)

Ok Blogger won't load these pictures for me and it's late, I've got to go to bed. But I would so love to show these pictures, I will try again in the morning.

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