Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day

So today is Australia Day, and man was it hot!!! We adorned ourselves with fake tatts and headed to Yeppoon to sweat it out at the festivities on the beach. There were rides 'n' food 'n' kites 'n' more young girls in inappropriate clothes than you could poke a stick at (how old am I???) Despite my best intentions both Ruby and I got a little burnt. Naughty. Ruby had so much fun, she ate hot chips and ice cream, went on the saucer and teacup ride, and shoved some balls in the clowns mouth to win herself a plastic whistle.

There were so many people down there. Crazy.

What did you do for Australia Day??

And the picture of the sleeping kids? Wouldn't it be nice if that's what happened coming home?

But no. That was on the way down there. Coming home they were completely wired! And yes I know Rubys' seatbelt is not on correctly. She is always slipping her arms out, and if you have a trick to get her to keep them in there - let's hear it. I'm at a loss as to how to keep her in that seatbelt properly.


jodyg said...

Oi oi oi!!!

I was there!! I must be old too because I thought some of the outfits were a bit teeny tiny too.

We had a great day!! The breeze was lovely. The kites were fantastic!!

Jack does the same thing with the seatbelt. I tell him that the Wiggles wear their seatbelt and they won't want to be his friend if he dosn't wear his.

buddyholly said...

Commented on this post on last post sorry. Just wanted to ask how did the James cake go?