Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mad kids

Ruby at the park this morning

Bailey, my new nephew (my only nephew actually)

It's been a while between posts.......................

We survived Christmas, just. Christmas day was nice, went to my sister-in-laws parents' place for lunch, nice family. The rest of the Christmas season was a bit of a struggle. Other in-laws. I'll say no more.

I've had a quick trip down to Brisbane to visit my sister who had her first baby, Bailey, early December. He is a real cutie. I love new babies. I would've called it a flying visit, except there was no flying involved, we got the train down. 'We' being me, Ruby (3 at the end of this month), and Clary (nearly 10 months).Going down actually wasn't too bad considering it was 10 hours overnight in a sitting carriage (couldn't get a sleeper!!). The kids were good, slept,lovely. Only bummer was I had to hold on to Clary while he slept, so no sleep for me :(

Coming home you'd think things would've been better, we were on the tilt train, so only 5 hours and it was during the day. Ummmmm. No.

We had 'that' person sitting across from us. You know. A sausage short of a barbeque. Fixes in on you, wants to talk (loudly) to you, tell you all about their life, scares your kids. (Ruby crawled under my chair at one point, and normally she loves to talk to other people, anyone.) But we made it, we're home.

Wish I could've stayed down there a little longer. Wish I could also have seen my other sister, Sally. Would like to add a link to her newly started blog, but that could be a bit beyond me at this point :)

Clary is getting his first tooth and whether or not that is the reason he no longer sleeps for longer the 2 hours at a time I"m not sure. I hope it's the reason. I hope this is not permanent. We've had some hellish nights.

We were all a bit feral this morning so headed out to the park, it was stinkin' hot but Ruby had a ball. Screamed her lungs out as I dragged her away before she dissolved into a pool of sweat.

OK let's see if I can add some pics here.

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buddyholly said...

Hey Brenda,

Love your blog! the photos are really well done. Bailey looks adorable too. Good job on Rubys dress, it looks real cute and homey.