Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pick any cake you like sweetheart.....

. Truely if this face was looking at would you want to say no to her birthday wish?

It's her birthday in just under 2 weeks, she'll be three. A couple of weeks ago I handed her a Womans Weekly Birthday Cake book and told her to pick a cake, whichever she wanted, I will make it for her.
She flicked through it very quickly and cast it aside.

Announced that she would have a James cake, thank you very much.That's James, Thomas the Tank Engines' mate, if you weren't aware.

Now usually she doesn't stick with things, she forgets, or changes her mind.
But not this time. She has spoken of the James cake every day since.

I'm not a cake maker. Have never made an actual kids birthday cake. For her first birthday she got cupcakes, and last year it was chocolate mud cake (out of a box, how embaressment)

So I've been a little concerned about how I would pull this off.

But today we re-visited the Cake book (which obviously I've never really looked at), and now we're both happy

I'll frost him red (as James is red, not green like in the picture, because that would be Percy)

Mmmmm, we'll see how we go....................................

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