Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peanut Butter Biscuits

If you love peanut butter and sweet treats,
 you'll love these Peanut Butter Biscuits.
They have just four ingredients and, if you have a
food processor, they're dead easy to make.
These are a no-bake, raw treat.

I came by this recipe a few months ago
 (via whole family fare, a fantastic blog
with loads of vegetarian recipes) and have made quite a few batches of these little bikkies,
 they disappear very fast every time.

a cup of raw almonds
a cup of pitted medjool dates
half a cup of peanut butter
a teaspoon and a half of vanilla extract

The original recipe calls for the almonds to be pulsed in the processor first before adding the rest of the ingredients but after once accidently just throwing the whole lot in together and having no problems that's what I continue to do.

Put all the ingredients in your food processor bowl
 (a grimy looking bowl like mine is optional, you can have
 your bowl squeaky clean if you must.
Vanilla not seen, below, I put it in after taking the picture.

On this occasion I pulsed them to the texture seen below, sometimes I make it smoother, do what makes you happy.

After you've whizzed it for a couple of minutes it becomes dough like and all that's left to do is shape it together into little balls.....

....flatten them with a fork to make them look biscuit like.....


......have one yourself before offering to your children or partner, or else you may miss out altogether, they're that good.
(pop them in the fridge, they should be good for 5 days or so and they are PERFECT for school lunches)

Let me know if you try them.

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