Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bikes, bikes, bikes.

When I was a teenager I used to love getting on my bike and going for a ride. I rode alone and would just ride and ride and ride until I figured I should probably turn around and head home since my Mum has no idea where I was. We lived in the city so I was just riding the streets, bike paths, and probably sometimes on the footpath if I was on a super busy road and scared I would get knocked off my bike and die if I rode on the road. Because I've always been a little bit dramatic and paranoid.

When I finished uni, left Brisbane and moved to Cairns, nursing, I bought a little green bike at the Salvos for five bucks and used to ride it to work.
After that I didn't really ride much at all for a long, long time.
My Dad, though , was a mad cyclist and continued loving it even after coming off his bike and breaking bones. I *think* he was around 70 years old when he did an organised bike ride, cycling from Bundaberg to Brisbane (around 400 km).
What a champion, hey?

Anyway, only in the past 6 months or so have I really started to use the bike again. In very, very baby steps. No 400km rides here. Yet.
Just going on rides with the kids, and using the bike to run errands I normally would have used the car for. Going to the library, going to get milk or just a couple of things from the shops.

My husband has been riding with the kids for a while but I was always the one who would walk along, just to kind of keep the kids on track, mainly to make sure Clary was all good. It didn't make a whole lot of sense to be on the bike. Until now.
We upgraded Clary from the itty bitty bike to , ah, I don't know what size but a bigger bike and he has really taken off so now I can jump on the bike and we can all go off together.
The only draw back for me is that when we're heading off down the street and I want my purse, and water, and then everyone else has something that they just have to have with them and can-I-please-put-this-in-your-bag-Mum-?, well, can you see where this is going?
I have a little back pack and I run out of room.
Especially if we're returning books to the library.

I'm still working on a solution to that problem,
but while looking at my options on the trusty old internet
I came across this wonderful lady, Emily Finch.
Seen here cruising around on her bike with her 6 children.
(in a dress!)
Go you, Emily!

Have a read about her here.

After I saw that I just had to go and google cargo bikes.
Cargo bikes are the bomb.
Look at them!

Sanitov Cargo bike found on designboom.

this one found here,
and check this one out below,
perfect for carting your kegs around town!!
Genius from here.

 (I couldn't exactly figure out where these guys are, or what they're all about but totally take my hat off to them for their diy attitude)
 made their own cargo bike, how's that!
(I figure they maybe stole that shopping trolley but
sometimes you just have to turn a blind eye when
there is such awesome creativity involved,
it's equally as likely they salvaged it from the tip or something)

The more bike super-ness I found, the harder it was to stop looking.
I discovered what looks to be, hmmm, the Rolls Royce
of bicycle companies?
Beautiful, beautiful bicycles.
Such as this red Dannebrog.

This blue beauty is Poppy from Adeline.

And back to Velorbis where I found the perfect front carrier.


Do not even move.

I found my dream bike.

How could you not love this bike?

My actual bike looks nothing like any of the bikes
I have shown here. I am currently making plans to strap
 some milk crates to the front and back of it though.
Like a kind of bum cargo bike.

Get on your bike.

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amber said...

Love that you're getting back on the bike. We have a trailer and a front seat that my daughter loves. Emily was on our local news because she in the main town over (Portland). I have a friend who is also doing all bike with her 4 and 2 year old, and she has a commute with them too.