Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hello lovely blog readers,
 I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend and you're all feeling nice and fresh for the new week ahead. 

I have been scatter-brained multiplied this week and
need to clear my head, clear my studio.
I'm running a 10 day promotion to offer blog readers only (and readers of your blogs also, if you'd like to give me a little shout out) a couple of codes for use in my Etsy shop.

First code is tenoffone and will give you
an automatic 10% off any purchase you make in the next 10 days.

Lovelies such as this
 Monster Book for Boys, a blank page journal.

Also Everybody's Book, a gorgeous scrapbooky,
 little bit of everything book.
Perfect for a gift.

 It's got tags, and pockets, and maps, and envelopes for the curious.
 One of my absolute favourites that I've ever made, the Sea Star journal, filled with blank pages just waiting for you.
Draw, doodle, write down your wildest dreams.

She is lush.

Smaller notebooks, great for shopping lists and day to day ideas, and, I think, spot on for teachers gifts ;)

If you'd like to buy two or more and stash them away for
 the teachers at the end of the year.............I'm gonna
give you a whopping 20% off.

You don't have to promote me, you don't have
to give me your favourite slowcooker recipe,
you don't have to Tweet about it,
 and you absolutely do not have to go on
over and 'like' me on Facebook 
 (not that there's anything wrong with any of that, mind you).

Just use this code: twentyofftwo.


There's more in the shop,
 go and have a look.
If you like.

buy one for 10% off with tenoffone
buy two for 20% off with twentyofftwo
Codes valid until the first of August.

(if you're unsure about discount codes: there is a space
to pop your code in as you go through Etsy
 checkout and the discount is applied automatically)

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