Wednesday, May 23, 2012

 I am a repeat offender at not 'being' where I am.
 My mind wanders.
If someone pulls me up when I rush down the street to duck into the post office and rush home mind is probably not there with me. More likely I am mentally tapping my feet, desperate to be on my way.
I don't have time, I don't have time, I have things to do.
I am a shocker for this.

Always I'm telling myself...........I don't have time.
 No time to enjoy my own life. Crazy. Ridiculous.
I'm working on changing this kind of thinking.
Re-wiring my brain, so to speak.

Because really?
 We don't have time NOT to slow down NOW
 and enjoy what we have right here in front of us.
If we don't slow down right now and appreciate
 what is in front of us right now
 {how much more convenient could it be},
then when?

The image I used above, I took with my phone
 while on holiday out west, my husbands' home town.

 I clearly remember taking it.

I had left the kids with my husband and was roaming around town with both my iphone and my *big* camera in hand.
Clearing my head, resetting my mind.

When I took that picture, I was there. I wasn't worrying about anything else I had to do, or hadn't done, or anything else.

There is no feeling in the world people, like being there in the moment. It's rejuvinating.

Give your loved ones the gift of your time.
Give them the gift of listening to them. Intently.
Try and hear them a little bit better than usual.

My intention has always been to live slowly and enjoy every moment.
Reality has always been different from intention though.

I'm going to try to slow down and stop rushing through my life.


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leah of sang the bird said...

yes, living slower and simply. that's my hope as well xx