Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We're Going on a Bug Hunt

Sometimes Almost always, it's the simplest of things that are the best. Such as the impromptu bug hunt the kids and I had together one day. We had been at our local library earlier in the day, where I had checked out these two books below, thinking it would probably be another one of those things where, you know, things just don't turn out the way you imagine it in your delusional mummy mind.

When I checked those books out I was thinking it would be nice if we could spend a couple of hours searching out bugs, looking them up in our books, sketching pictures of the bugs, etc, etc. But deep down I thought that realistically we'd probably just take the books home, they'd be misplaced for a while and then I'd have to pay the late fees and suck up to the librarian in order to be able to borrow more books in the future.

 Amazingly.............. I'm not quite sure how.................the second, 'realistic' scenario did not happen.  Somehow the incredible couple of hours spent together, with no fighting, and no whinging, just being out of the house, but still at home (that's the hardest part to believe because for a while there I felt like I couldn't possibly even be on my usual planet), the scenario which I had seen in head, played out.
With just the two books from the library, and a couple of old glass jars.....................we filled an afternoon at home. Peacefully.
I banged a few holes into the lids of the jars, so the bugs could be held for 5, maybe 10 minutes or so.

 Just long enough for a few observations to be made, for documentation.

After quite a while catching a much-wider-than-I-expected variety of bugs (and spiders) in the backyard, we moved to the front where Clary bounced around like a kangaroo, trying to catch some moths (success!)

This one not a moth, not actually sure what he was, but there were lots of them.

I will remember this day for years to come, and speak of it in a terribly excited voice.................."Remember the day when the kids played together, happily? Outside?"

ok, I'm being a wee little bit over top dramatic, but if you're a Mum who has spent days and days on end at home with children................then you might get what I'm saying here.


note to self: better go and find those books because I think they're probably now overdue.

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