Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Come on in.

Wanna see my little studio?
Well, little bits here and there of it, at least?
Keep on moving if you don't, 'cause I'm gonna show it anyway.
While I didn't go tidying up before taking these, I'm also not going to be showing a picture of the whole room due to the fact that it's a disgusting mess, and really, who needs to see that?

The two shelving units above I salvaged from the tip, such an awesome find for me. Stacked one atop the other, fantastic, thank you very much.

For so long I worked on the kitchen table, lounge room floor, stored my stuff under beds, shoved in corners, where ever, you know the drill.  Finally I have a room. An entire room.
{we no longer have a spare room/guest room, who cares}

For a long time I saw it primarily as my editing space. The room where the computer lived and I would sit and edit. I stored a few props and what have you in there as well.
The sewing machine was in there too, and sew in there I did. But that was all secondary. When I started spiral binding my journals, that stuff was mainly done out in the lounge room.
This room was here to edit in.
Once the reality of the unexpected hiatus in photography kicked in I knew I had to make this room something more than it had been up until then.

My beloved collection of Japanese crafting books.

Books which have been damaged inside or outside, or both, waiting to have new life breathed into them.
A collection of colourful threads.
A collection of doileys.
Just waiting.

A somewhat terrifying tower of cases containing all manner of things. Stuff.

A wall full of patterns. Some that I've used again and again. Others have only been used once. Or not at all. Yet.

More stuff.
My bits. And Pieces.

This six drawer unit came from the same tip, same day I found the shelves. That was a good day.

Another little collection of collections.
Neutral this time.

Tools of the trade. Whatever that is.
The suitcase below houses bookbinding related things, works-in-progress, etc.
This is my studio and if I could just have a personal assistant to do the house chores, the grocery shopping, run some errands and other such little jobs I'd be quite happy in here 9-3, Monday to Friday.

What is your space like?


casso said...

Shut up. I hate you. It's now official. My space? It's the dining table. My storage? It's the old suitcases dotted around the house here and there as decoration but really used to stuff masses of vintage fabric and doilies into.

And no guest room? So you'll have me on the floor, will you? :)

Brenda said...

That's exactly what I had for so long Cass! I'd trade it in for a 5D MkIII and a decent computer though? I think.
And there's still plenty of floor space :)

leah of sang the bird said...

i love your space. i have a penchant for old suitcases and japanese crafting books. the cover of the grey book is divine. love Love your blog... thanks x