Thursday, March 15, 2012

I was lucky enough, the other day, to be able to visit some op shops (that's Opportunity shop, charity shop, Thrift store, take your pick, if you're unfamiliar), pretty much at my leisure. Yes, I was alone. Obviously. It's been such a long time since I've done that, it was so nice.
I had left home, jumped in my car and tootled along, about 60km down the road, while the kids were at school, to do some errands (the exciting kind like paying bills and buying school socks). In some kind of insane cosmic twist, time was actually on my side. For a couple of hours anyway. It was enough for me to reclaim my sanity, I'll take that. I even had money in my purse, how's that?!!
I hid away in the sanctuary of the op shops. Just for a bit.

Continuing my, let's call it a tradition, of buying clothes that don't fit me, or my husband, or either of my children, I bought this cute little onesie (which is supposed to be pictured below but is, in fact, pictured above). With all of its yellow-elephanty-goodness, I just couldn't leave it behind. And Ruby agrees, she has nabbed it for her doll.

Sticking with the it's-yellow-and-it-ain't-gonna-fit-anyone-I-know theme, how about this sunshine-y yellow polka dot sundress (Fred Bare). I  wish it would fit me. Alas it's a girls size 8, not a mamma size 8 :(

I love the colour and the style.

The skirt, with those pockets, reminds me of an old fashioned kitchen apron (of which I have many).

These tennis racquets ($3 each) are old and very well used, I couldn't resist (geez, do I have any willpower?)

They may end up on Clarys' bedroom wall. Or not. I haven't decided yet.

My favourite find of the day is this doll. Ruby has named her Strawberry which suits her perfectly, I think.

I would love to know if this particular style of doll has a specific name, anyone? She's as cute as can be and a delight to photograph.

Who needs therapy when there are op shops around?

P.S. would love a bit of feeback if you have time: are my pictures too big on the old blog?


amber said...

Thrifting is one of my favorite feel good activities too. I like the big size of the photos!

ingrid said...

Oh my goodness - gorgeous finds! the dress and the dolly are both amazing!
I like the big pictures but the top ones are slightly running behind your sidebar.