Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Little People Style I love.

Are you, like me, dreaming of clothing for children that is sweet and simple? Some inspiration for your dreams, enjoy.

From Caramel in the UK, where they never fail to come through with the goods, this sweet little shift and, most importantly, adorable yellow sandals. Love those yellow sandals.

This comes from Mamsy, a site I assume to be Russian, there is no english there to be found. I'm quite sure I would wear this dress and tights myself if I could get them in my size.

 Another offering, below, from the UK, by Elias & Grace.

The grey knee socks and brown shoes below are killing me.
Baby pantaloons (yes. pantaloons. how fabulous) from Lou Lou Eskimo.

I challenge you to find anything not to love in this next picture. Here's what we have: an adorable child in grey tights with bloomers, a yellow cardie, pigtails and bowling-style shoes. Oh my goodness, I just can't handle the sweetness. (I've totally lost track of where I found this, so if you're any the wiser clue me in and I'll credit it)

From an Australian company I've long loved and will never be able to afford (as with most of these I'm posting), sweet as can be, hearts and ruffles shorts. They're from Paper Wings, they have a lovely website so go check it out.

 Perfectly patchwork-y pretty. Thank you Little Horn.
 I think these boots would go with any of the outfits I've posted above. These ones are from Fussy Feet.  Ruby has just outgrown a pair very similar to these ones, hers were Country Road, but nabbed by me off Ebay for peanuts a couple of years ago. They were way too big for her when I got them, and now they're too small and we're both very sad to see them out of her wardrobe. Don't know that we'll be lucky enough to find another pair of the same quality in our price range again.

Oh, and lookie, it's the yellow sandals again.

And just a little reality check to show you exactly how much I'm dreaming, because the days of my children obliging my what-to-wear wishes are long, long gone, here's a few happy snaps of their favourite picks from the wardrobe.

Exibit A.
There is no 'dress up' clothes in Clarys' world, just clothes. He was off to kindy in this shot.

Exibit B.
I can't even explain this (it was yesterday).

 Looking through Rubys' pictures I actually couldn't find one of her where she didn't have on either this tye-died (she did it herself, mind you) shirt....

(that's her monster dramatic and fake fishing pose there, btw)
or this plaid number which barely fits her anymore but she won't give it up, it's her 'cowgirl' shirt.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

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