Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Binding

I have long been fascinated by the art of book binding, and while this is primitive (very, very primitive) it is my first attempt at handbinding. As in the signatures (pages) are hand sewn to the cover. This was an experiment so it's small and not at all heavy duty. I just wanted to get a bit of a feel for the process.

It's also bound with dental floss, and not waxed binding thread as, like I said, it was an experiment, I didn't want to be spending any money on this one.
While it's primitive by necessity, it's also primitive by design. A project to just let go of perfectionist habits.
The trim I used to hold it closed is elasticised. It's been sitting in my stash for years. Finally a use for it!!

I have written in this since I took the pictures, this was made for Ruby, it's her "Dad" book. My husband works away from home and is gone for nine days at a time. Up until recently it's just been what we've always done, we're used to it.
He came home. He went back to work. The kids didn't know any different.

As they're getting older, it's getting harder for them when he goes off to work again. Ruby, especially, gets very upset the day he leaves. So I made this little book for her. It's small enough that she can stick it in her bag and take it to school with her each day.

I've put in plenty of Dad pictures, and made little spaces where she can write or doodle and the Mister himself can write in there too. (don't ask me why I put the lipsticked Mama above in the 'Dad' book, I've only just noticed it myself and I have no idea why)

It's rough, but I like it.

Most definitely makes me want to make more.

You can see in the picture above the space between the two seperated signatures. I could have had them closer together. It will be a real trial and error process to learn more.

I enjoyed this project more than anything I've done for a while. I love paper, and I love tape!

Normally if I were sewing on to a page I would cover up the 'back' side, probably with another piece of decorative paper. In this one though I left some of those spots uncovered (picture above) to be used as little journaling spots. Although if I stare at that picture for long enough the 'unfinished side' part of it will freak me out and I'll probably have nightmares about it tonight.
Just making this scruffy little book..............I learnt stuff. I looked at You Tube videos of people binding (binding beautifully) and I've learnt the names and uses of tools (none of which I had or used, primitive remember) which I knew nothing of before.
I'm keen for more.


casso said...

Oh Brenda I haven't checked in here for ages because I thought you had abandoned it. Yay to reading you again!

That book is seriously awesome. I have a pile of little vintage Ladybird books I could send you if you like. I'd love to see them at a good home.

Brenda said...

oh, thanks Cass. I really must get on here and have a poke around, figure out how to get 'Comment Notifications'.
I can definitely give a home to vintage books :)
Are they small or maybe it'll cost me a bomb in postage?

casso said...

Nah I will send them on to you. They're magnificent, you'll love them. I can't for the life of me remember where I put your address, but email me and I'll send them on. x