Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage Paper Pattern Give Away

Just a quick post to see if any of you out there would be interested in some old paper patterns (free!). 

These have got to go and if I can't give them away here on the blog they will be making their way to the op shop :(

I love them all and don't really want to part with them..........but I've made a commitment to make my 'work' space actually workable, and that means culling, culling and keep on culling until I have a space I can actually work in.
I have loads I want to get stuck into (photography, sewing and other) but my cluttered space is holding me back. I'm on a mission to clear it.
I have around 50 vintage paper patterns that have got to go. I haven't checked each and every pattern, some of the envelopes are torn, and some of the patterns MAY not be complete. Or they may all be completely all there, I have no idea.
I have childrens' patterns, dolls' clothes patterns, maternity patterns, all sorts.
Anyone interested?


casso said...

Pfft, are you kidding me? I'd love a chance to stick my greedy arm into that lot!

Brenda said...

I can send you the lot Cass! Will have to get your details again.

silverpixie said...

I am. Ut i am all the way here in the Philippines :(

Brenda said...

siverpixie, send me your details, I have so many patterns! We can do this!
e-mail me: