Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ok, just between you, my lovely readers, and me (seriously, don't tell my husband), I've succumbed to the lure of the op-shops, yet again, recently. I try to remain under a self-imposed ban from visiting op-shops most of the time, as I really do just go nuts buying stuff that I just do not need (and do not have space for). Which is exactly what I have to share with you here. Stuff I just had to have despite the fact the I did not need one single one of these items. But they're cute. All so cute.
Like this little lamb-with-a-cart vase. I almost walked out without it. Almost. So close. I knew I didn't need it. But I just pictured it up on a shelf looking all cute with *something* in it. I still don't know exactly what yet. But when I figure that out I just know it's going to be perfect ;)
And this gorgeous vintage outfit for a little boy. A little boy way smaller than MY little boy? Well, my sister just had a little boy, so I'd say in about two years I might be able to talk her into popping this on him, just for the day even. Yep, that'll make this purchase totally worth hanging on to for two years.

I won't even pretend that I considered leaving this gorgeous girl in yellow behind even for a second. I love her! Her hands and feet, the little kitty, with those jammies.......she was always going to be coming home with me. Just have to decide where to put her. Probably Rubys' room, I'm thinking.

But try as I might even I can't think of a way to justify the purchase of a set of very old Salt and Pepper shakers topped with little monkeys. Maybe you can help me. Oh, they were twenty cents, so it's not like I'm blowing huge sums of money on this stuff.

Do you not love them too?


ingrid said...

EEEK, so much goodness! I wouldn't have been able to leave any of those behind either, not even the monkeys!

casso said...

Oh my goodness, I need to come to your op shops! The ones around here are SO expensive and without those very cute finds!