Saturday, July 23, 2011

our Day. today.

Our day. Via the iphone. I'd call it an iphone documentary of our day, but really, we were on a quest for vacuum cleaner filters which we never found and these pictures don't really cover that.
So, just pictures we took on the way.
Because we all know the journey is absolutely just as important as the destination ;)


casso said...

Oh I didn't realise the new Donna Hay children's mag was out, will have to go and source it for the upcoming party.

And tut tut on your McD's! I'm reading Fast Food Nation and I can tell you now, if I ate at fast food place before, there's no way I would after! You should read it, it's fascinating (and I keep grossing James out with the bits I read out at the table).

Brenda said...

it was a one off Cass, really, and yes, I felt disgusting the whole time. I almost didn't post the pic....