Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project ReStyle 2

So I fell off the Project ReStyle bandwagon, ah, after my first project. Although I think I've probably been reStyling things, I just haven't been documenting them.
But I'm going to claim this one as my second project and hopefully more will follow. Although sadly, as with my first project, I neglected to take a before shot.
Seeing as this dress was previously an old cot blanket though, I don't think it's too much of a stretch for you to imagine that.
 I love the colour of this blanket.
 I used mismatched vintage buttons, a doiley, and just a little scrap of trim to decorate.
 It's a size 2, but the beauty of this most awesome style pinni is that a size 2 is perfect for a two to three year old as a dress, and still scrapes in OK as a top on a 6 year old.

 I wanted to keep the original tag from the blanket so I removed it before I started and re-attatched it when I was finished.

I quite like it and have another blanket so think I might make a couple more.


Laura Bray said...

So cute! Very smart restyle!

amber said...

Brenda it's so cute! I keep looking to find a wool blanket, now I want to find one more than ever!

Brenda said...

Thanks Laura and Amber!

Erica Louise said...

Oh this is wonderful!! I love a bit of repurposing.