Sunday, May 1, 2011

Little People Style I Love

Although my kids pretty much refuse to wear anything I make for them anymore, I still have my dreams. For six years now I have fought hard in the battle to keep licensed clothing off my children, and I think I've done as well as, realistically, I could in that one. Ruby has one Dora dress and a pair of Tinker Bell pj's (both gifts). I can live with that. If she is ever gifted, say, some Bratz clothing or anything which announces to the world that "I'm a Princess" or anything similar I'm afraid those items will mysteriously disappear fairly quickly.
In a perfect world, these pictures below are how I would be dressing my children.
I adore this dress, and the shoes are just too delightful. I don't even know how to describe how I feel about those shoes, they're killing me. (from here)
 I am loving the buttons on this, and the perfection of teaming it with brown tights and boots.
Brown cape with cap and knickerbockers? So simple, so sweet.

If only I had tried harder at getting my kids to love wearing hats even when not needed, just because they look so good, perhaps I would be able to pop one of these beauties on Ruby :)

I am a big fan of aprons or apron style dresses for little girls, so this is right up my alley. (found this one on Bellinipics)

I have chosen a lot of brown, and otherwise considered to be 'drab' by many, colours here, so I'll break it up with some red. A boys shirts all styled up for a little girl. Looks relatively easy, as well as looking great! Love the belt.
There is a tutorial to show you how to do this yourself over at Blue Bird Lucy's.

I think what I love most about this doiley-detail dress is that it is actually made from a wool blanket! I have a gorgeous blue woolen blanket lying around that I am tempted to cut into to make somethng like this myself, what do you think?
I found this on a Wardrobe ReFashion Blog

When I was going through images I had stored away to do this post I realised I had all girls clothes, nothing for boys. So I went looking for some boy stuff. And I couldn't find anything. At all. All the little boys stuff I found seemed to be geared towards an "I'm a budding Rockstar" kind of a theme. No thanks.
Then I found this PERFECT girls outfit (below) at Anais and found that they had boys stuff also.

Looking at these I know I am incredibly boring when it comes to colour, for my kids as well as myself. I have a wardrobe full of grey and navy. Must get more adventurous.

And kids underwear, do not even get me going on this subject. (seriously, I've been toying with the idea of making my own, especially since I found this) but I don't think I'll ever get there.
These, though, are just spot on.
(found here)

Although white jocks for Clary right now probable wouldn't be the best way to go (I do enough Napisan-ing already I think)


amber said...

Brenda, you are so right, it is hard to get your kid not to be branded head to toe!!! My daughter has one branded thing (minnie pjs, a gift). Underwear are so crazy for girls, I mean sassy sayings on their rear when they are toddlers, are you kidding me??!!?! I am so inspired by this post, I want to make more things for tutu.

Brenda said...

thanks for your comment Amber, look forward to seeing what you sew up for your girl :)

Rachel said...

I totally agree with you, branded kids clothes are so ugly! Luckily though it seem to be an age thing... my 12 year old no longer asks for bob the builder T-shirts :)