Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm wireless!!

OK so I started a blog and then dropped off the face of the earth. Well actually my computer died, totally kaput. It had had a long hard life and really the humane thing would've been to retire it a long time ago.
The good news is that I have a beautiful shiny new laptop, it's wireless, and I am loving it! Getting to this point took a bit of doing but the main thing is, I'm here. I mean don't you just love it when you're in the shop asking a million questions before you hand over your precious money for a schmicko shiny 'puter and the guy (it's almost always a guy) who just lives and breathes computers assures that it's 'really easy' to set up wireless and, you know, on the off chance that you have trouble, 'just ring our service centre'
yeah right
I couldn't set it up so I rang the service centre..........she wasn't particularly interested, told me to give it another shot. Couldn't even seem to get her head around what the hell I was asking her or why I had called. That's the thing with some of these computer geniuses I think.........totally out of touch with the rest of us........................can't even fathom that there are people out there who know so very little about computers. She did though, also suggest that I ring my internet service provider. OK, I'll do that
Hangon, they're totally not interested because it's not one of their modems. OK, have a nice day
I found the number for the Technical Help line on the modem box so, hey, I'll give that ago..........umm, they charge $40 for advice related to basic set up of the modem. Well I'm a tight ass and I'm not paying money unless you can guarantee me that you can fix this so let me start again
The service centre of the store I bought the stinkin' modem from. 'They're very busy today, can you try again later?' Of course I can. So I try and try and try. Awfully busy down there.
Two days later someone finally returns my call?
He's unsure what the problem is based on what I'm telling him but outside of his regular work he does jobs independantly sorting out problems like this, he can come around after work. Great.
Turns up that afternoon and sorts it in no time. I have about three thousand photos on my old computer and I'm worried about getting them off there and on to this computer before the old one dies completely. Can he help? Well, yes he can, not right now, will come back tomorrow.
So back today he came, networks the two computers, get my precious pictures moves and even transfers my list of Favourites which is verrrry long. And what does he charge for sorting out all my 'puter problems in two visits over two days?

Forty bucks!!!

I feel like I've found a gold mine. Seriously, I'm putting his number in my address book. As he left this afternoon he said "If you have any more problems give me a ring"
Aha, yes, I will.
If you knew how much trouble I've had with "People who fix computers", you would understand my excitement.

I have a new computer. It's wireless. It's incredibly fast compared with the old beast.
I'm happy.

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