Sunday, December 2, 2007

the debut

OK, time to kick start this blog, I've had the template sitting here for ages with the intention of putting everything on it the way I wanted before I actually started blogging, but I've got so much going on I think I better just start.

My creative endevours are a mess, so I'm hoping this will help me prioritise what I'm doing. I've got sewing projects for my kids waiting to be done, sewing projects for (hopefully) my Etsy shop, some of my mums' crafts to be listed on Etsy, and masses of photography tips and lessons just waiting to be found and soaked up my my brain. Scrapping has fallen by the wayside lately, but I have a couple of scrappy Christmas gifts which need to be done.
And of course, I have a house and gorgeous family to look after.
So more lists to be written, and ticked off.
Today will aim to finish off a dress I started for Ruby weeks ago, back later with pictures.

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