Saturday, December 22, 2007

and another one

boring I know but all I can manage right now, just finished this. Very 'home made' looking I know, but I like that :)
I actually made it after seeing a very similar dress in a magazine. It was....... wait for it...........$176!! I'm not kidding you. This one cost me, I reckon, around $2.50. Now I know the fabric of the dress in the magazine was probably somewhat a finer quality than what I used, the cut of the fabric altogether better than mine and the overall workmanship a large step up (I mean I guess their edges aren't finished with a zigzag stitch) but, hey, it's for Ruby, and she's two! And she's got dresses made from curtains, tea towels, bed spreads and table cloths..............So I think it will be fine. For the price.

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