Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 Despite the fact that I have, ah, about zero time to ever sit down and read,
 I remain a die hard book junkie.
At one stage last year I thought maybe the Kindle
 would work for me................but no.
 Not at all.
I need my book to be a book. Exactly.
This is what's on offer at the moment.

"Dinner A Love Story"  I've had a while, purchasing after I stumbled upon this blog one night.
The idea of a family with two young children and two working parents who are able to put nutritious home-made meals on the table every single night (with enthusiasm, no less) intrigued me beyond  belief.
As with most of my books, especially cook books, I go back and forth to it, taking snippets from it here and there. A good book to remind you of the importance of eating together, the importance of food and family.

"Screen Doors and Sweet Tea" was a Christmas gift, and feeds my fascination with Southern culture.

"Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day" I have had for a good two years and never made a single loaf of bread. But there's only so many years of your life you can bare the absolute rubbish that is supermarket bread, and I think the time has come. The master recipe requires Vital Wheat Gluten which, for the life of me I could only find online (seriously, if you can get that stuff at  the local IGA I'll be so embarassed that I went and purchased online) so I await the arrival of that after which I plan to tackle to my first loaf.

Will keep you posted.


Jacqui Miyabayashi said...

OK I NEED these books, very pertinent after this weekend. You'll see on my blog!
I have a kindle and like it for text books or non fiction books. But for novels I prefer a real book in the bath or in bed at night!

casso said...

You know how I'm always writing on my blog about how James has made *another* loaf of bread? Well it's from the first book by the authors of the one you have there Artisan bread in 5mins a day or some such title.

It is seriously yummy and I should really put a little pressure on him to start experimenting a little. That is once he has finished pickling onions and making sauerkraut and other such yumminess. I don't expect much at all, huh?

And I'm the opposite of Jacqui, I love my Kobo for reading fiction since I can have it lying next to me easily while I do other things like cooking and don't need to worry about keeping pages open or lugging it around from pillar to post as I play games with Ted. It's a lot less obtrusive and he doesn't always realise I'm even reading, which means I can plough through heaps of fiction that I wouldn't otherwise have had the chance to get on to.