Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If you're in Australia, you don't need me to tell you how hot
 it's been lately.
Today was a welcome reprieve from the heat, just in time
 for this household I tell you.
The weekend was blistering!
Extreme heat and velcro kids like mine almost always
 results in narky mum.
The heat knocked me flat on Saturday which saw the tv being on for a lot of  the day.
That, in turn, lead to me feeling extremely guilty and all 'I'm such a bad mum' by Saturday night.
I knew the next day had to be different so I came up with a couple of activities for the kids and while talking about what we would do with our day at breakfast on Sunday we randomly decided we would make up a little activity board to keep us on track.
I used a recipe book holder I was given for Christmas to put it on,
 and used the box the book holder came out of for our board.
Just cut the box up and wacked some rubber bands around it to hold the pictures on.
We planned to do some rock painting, as well as make some wind sock thingies.

Clary added on the lego picture (can you say 'obsessed with lego'?)

I don't have pictures of the whole process, but I'll give you what I've got.
We had heaps of cans so gathered a few of them up and grabbed the only spray paint we had, colours a bit blah, but we were making do.
First up I thought I would spray paint with the cans sitting on newspaper but then I figured it would work better with the cans perched on these bamboo garden stakes, like so.


 Sprayed them up and left them in the sun to dry.
 Did I mention the heat?
 They dried in a nanosecond (or pretty close to, anyway)

Then we moved inside
 (I'd like to be able to say we moved inside
 to the cool but the house was like an oven), 
to paint some more, by hand.

Clarys' tree, below.

After the paint was all dried (which it well and truly had because a day passed before we got back to this) we dived into the ribbon/ lace stash 
and picked out what we wanted to add and glued these to the
 inside of the cans with the hot glue gun.

We managed to finish a couple of tin can wind socks which are good for hanging in trees in the yard

or hanging onto while twirling around in the yard. Tutu wearing is 
optional for this, Ruby already had hers on.

Nothing that's going to make the pages of a design mag, but perfect for occupying kids on holidays :)

And it looks like playing with dolls has been added to the list.

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