Monday, January 26, 2009

In the blink on an eye....

became this..............
How on earth did that happen in just four short years?? She'll be four in a couple of days, and the day after that she starts kindy. Two days a week she'll run away from me to kindy.
I don't know if we're ready. In fact, I know Clarys' not ready. What's he going to do without her? No-one to play with, to read with, to watch the cartoons with? No-one to torment.
Oh no, that's right..............he'll be able to concentrate 100% on tormenting me!!! Yay.
So, although I've been talking about it for weeks, I'm yet to get her name on all of her clothes, as they require. Must do that.
And what am I going to put in her lunch box?
Is she going to expose all of our family secrets while I'm not there.
Will she tell the other kids that her Mum is in her pyjamas until 10 o'clock some days?
Will she tell her teacher (not sure what the kindy lady is referred to as, let's call her the teacher) that some days her Mum serves up scrambled eggs and baked beans............for tea?
I guess she will probably spill all of these secrets, and more.
Hopefully she won't inform anyone else that they have a 'big fat tummy', like she did in the fruit shop the other day.
I will miss her. Lots. But I do love to watch her making her way in the world, and this is part of it. I will let you know how she goes.


Elli said... cute was Ruby as a baby?!
I just managed to figure out 2 days worth of kindy lunches, but now I have to work out 5 days worth of variety?? The spilling of secrets is not so bad... everyone knows kids have good imaginations - with any luck nobody will believe her stories. Maybe. Just cross your fingers that you don't get called in to have a "chat" with the kindy teacher - like I did the day Cheyenne called another kid a "stupid arsehole". That's waaaay more cringe-worthy, trust me. Good luck!

buddyholly said...

Aww Brenda, I was quite emotional when I saw these pictures. Then your music over the rainbow came on and I am now having a little emotional episode complete with runny nose. I know Ruby will hold her own in this world - starting with kindy. Alas the day has come when this caring and creative girl will show others how its done. You should be proud of yourself mum.

Anonymous said...

oh brenda, how stunning is ruby!!!

i know what you mean about the whole kinder thing as Kaitlyn too started Kinder, today!! she has 3 sessions, 12 hours all up!! Hope she loves kinder!! Clary will be like Freya.. noone to torment.. but me! thinkng of you :)

ingrid said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Ruby! She truly is divine in those prictures.
And I know exactly how you feel about the growing up and all that. Why does it happen so quickly?

Julie said...

Brenda, Just had to comment today, I read your blog often after reading Life in Color (Amber's my "Blink of an eye" )I used to sing her "Somewhere over the rainbow" A song playing while I was reading your post. Talk about bringing on the tears! Your blog makes me reflect on days with the little ones more than most. I remember what is was like sending the kids off to school for the first time and then I remembered what it was like to have a whole day to be just myself without all the worry. It was fun too! There was a purpose to all this rambling, my good friend shared with me when Amber was little and I hold it dear to me "Children do grow up fast but each day brings something better than the day before, even when you think it's the best it can be!" Seriously love your photos and blog!