Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If you know me on Facebook you will have seen all of these pictures but I just have to share here too ;)
We were out on a drive on the weekend when we came across a beautiful little barn owl who was caught in a barb on a fence :(
We found him like this.
It was about nine in the morning when we found him so I imagine he must have been there like that for quite a while.
I had my mum with me luckily, so we were able to free him (wouldn't have been able to do it alone), and then wrapped him up in a quilt from the car.

We then went on a long mission, which felt like a wild goose chase, to find a Wild Life Carer who could help him. His wing was damaged, he was unable to fly.
Such a beautiful creature, we all fell in love with him.
I think he was just so exhausted, so calm he was, just letting us wrap him up and nurse him.
Eventually we made it home to follow up more leads
 for a carer, make more phone calls.
Meanwhile, Ruby found him the perfect spot
 to recuperate...........in her vintage dolls pram.
He could not have been happier.
We all wanted to keep him.
Eventually we got in touch with a lovely lady with
the knowledge and the environment that was best for him.
Ruby had named him Fluffy Bob.
We drove nearly an  hour to take him to his new carer, and the next day when I called to check on him, she told me he was on his way to a Raptor Sanctuary (another couple of hours travel for him) to have his broken wing pinned.
Good luck Fluffy Bob, and safe flying.

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