Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I started making my own face moisturiser a month or so ago and thought I'd share the love with you. Because it's pretty nice really.
I am a lover of natural things on my skin (and pretty well everywhere else but for the purpose of this post I'll stick with skin).
Unfortunately, as with many things which are much better for us than their synthetic, toxic counterparts, the natural option often comes with a higher price tag (and often isn't as pure as what the marketer of the product might have us believe).
In my ongoing quest for simplicity (I feel like I really parrot that word sometimes, but there are days when that one word is my mantra, so yeah, I use it a lot), and belt-tighening, money-saving, tight-assedness, I bring you homemade, smells utterly divine, good for you, way cheaper than boutique organic face creams, FACECREAM.
You're gonna love it.
you need:one cup of shea butter
                 two tablespoons of apricot oil
                 two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
                 one teaspoon of vitamin E oil
                 half a cup of coconut oil  
side note: I have noticed that extra virgin olive oil is often abbreviated to EVOO but I decided not to abbreviate here because, seriously, the first time I ever saw that abbreviation I was stumped for......way longer than I should have been. "EVOO", I wondered,"What IS that? hmmmmm"
come on..........I CANNOT be the only one.
Put it all in a bowl (preferably stainless steel) and whip it up! It will take a few minutes, I used a freestanding mixer and I'd say it took a good five minutes to whip up. Let it whip away, it practically goes fluffy.
The first batch I made the coconut oil was solid when I put it in, the second batch it was in liquid form (much warmer that day obviously)  and I did wonder how it would go but it was fine. Once it got whipping, no difference at all.
This makes a massive amount of facecream, in fact you could easily halve or even quarter that recipe above.
At first I thought it was too greasy and reserved it for night use only, but I have been using it for whenever just this last week. You need only the tiniest amount. I still find it greasy at first, but for me it soaks in within about half an hour or so which works fine if I'm not having to shoot out the door first thing in the morning.
I guess it may not be for everyone, but I love it, and it's gonna save me a ton of money.
The first batch I made went into pretty little jars and was shared. The second batch went into whatever I had on hand. Old moisturiser jars, vanilla bean paste jars, jam jars, plus some little pots (downside with them is that they're plastic) I bought ages ago from the crafty section at the $2 shop. Those little ones have proved to be really handy for travelling.


casso said...

Where do you buy your shea butter from?

Brenda said...

Cass, I got my shea from here