Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hi-de-ho, just a little test post as I have, well obviously been absent from my own blog, but also had trouble getting in to my own blog lately. Blogger you banned me from my blog? I did not know you could do that. My punishment for abandonment I guess?
But I found my way in, I'm back. Is anyone still here with me? After months of nothing, I guess not.

Two more sleeps until Christmas, the gifts are wrapped. Some beautifully and some not. I won't share the ugly ones with you, lol.

For much of my gift wrapping I utilized a roll of childrens drawing paper (originally from Ikea, but found by me in an op-shop a long time ago).
For this teachers gift I photocopied a very old map of our local area onto some card and also photocopied an old envelope I have hoarded from when I was a teenager with international penpals. I reduced the size by 50% and covered the part where my address was with a shipping tag (prior to the copying). I used a dymo labeller to put the recipients name on. A bit of hessian (op-shop), a bit of fabric, and a little peg from a $2 shop and there you have it. I think it's a bit cute.

This sweet little paper rosette is made from a page from an old childrens book (the book was already ripped so I didn't feel bad about that), added a button and attatched it to a piece of fabric. Again, my beloved shipping tags.

This one is as simple as it gets but, in my humble opinion, still looks good ;)
A paper doiley, stamped. Add a bit more hessian and some string, you're done.

I love, love, love wrapping presents.
If anyone's still out there don't be scared to let me know. Say hello.
Merry Christmas all.


jodyg said...

Gorgeous wrapping!! Such a gorgeous idea especially the one with the map.

casso said...

I didn't know about this blog! Gorgeous! Hey where did you get your stamps from? I can only find upper case ones which is a bit disappointing.

Elli said...

They're lovely, Bren. (as always)
Don't feel bad about your blog. My last post was August 2010. For shame!