Monday, August 2, 2010

T-shirt bags

Hey hey, welcome to our first trial of making t-shirt bags. We just did these the moring and straight away it's obvious that the 'design' needs tweaking. There are heaps of on-line tutorials for making these and I think they are a great idea.
You just start with an old t-shirt, I raided my husbands drawers, he has plenty of shirts that don't fit him anymore.

Just a few simple cuts like this. You're taking off the sleeves and cutting a bigger neck hole. T-shirt fabric being what it is, you don't need to hem any of these cuts. Too easy.

Then all that's left to do is turn it inside out and stitch across the bottom of the shirt, closing up your bag!
I think my main problem was that the shirts I used were a little big? The fabric is so stretchy that you couldn't really be loading these up with anything heavy the way I have done them...........the bottom of your bag would just hit the floor!!
I will try these again with a smaller shirt I think.
(just click on these pictures to see them bigger)

On the plus side they do sit very nicely up on your shoulder.

So that's making a bag from a t-shirt in a nutshell, will pop back with some links to some tutorials for this later.

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Natalie. said...

BRILLIANT! You blog me away every time I come onto your blog!