Monday, August 3, 2009

Clary loves himself a little bit of ipod time. He is listening to 'She & Him' here. He loves popping in the little earpieces and wandering around. I do make sure it's turned right down and he doesn't have it long. Just long enough for a little fix.
And the big girl is turning in to a little bath diva I think. Like her Dad. He has a bath every day, up to three baths some days. For hours (if he's lucky), with either a book or Phantom comic, and snacks. And apparently Ruby's been taking notice. Yesterday morning she decided she absolutely had to have a bath. A very, very long bath which she cut short only when I told her that her little mate from next door was down at the fence calling out for her.

What a life.

Squeaky clean.


Kelly said...

Gorgeous pics of your kids. I love the photos of Ruby in the bath...what a classic!

Elli said...

As usual, gorgeous pics of Ruby and Clary.

Love that first shot of Clary. At least he is listening to some current music. I worry about the potential for Cheyenne to be picked on at school, when she happily sings along to all of our 80s favourites, yet knows nothing of anything resembling current chart hits.