Friday, May 8, 2009

CWA Love

I finally got a chance to sew some new pinnis' up today. None of these are finished, they all need to have buttons sewn on.
This one is my new favourite, I think. It's made from a CWA tea towel, the denim bits are cut from one of my old skirts, and it's backed with some thrifted fabric remnant. I'm going to get some red buttons for it, those whoppers on there were just for the photo. Ruby hates it.

This one I made from a thrifted skirt. Looks very wonky here but it's not. Really.
This one was formerly a table cloth, backed with thrifted remnants, again (they all were)

I lurrrve making new from old :)


jodyg said...

Brenda, they're just gorgeous and especially the cwa one, very cute indeed. If you've ever got the time and the will I'd love that pattern.

ingrid said...

Oh wow, these are all so beautiful! I adore the CWA one, it's fabulous!

buddyholly said...

Love these brenda, can't wait til Abby can fit into the horse one you made her.