Thursday, August 21, 2008

Days like this.

It was one of those days today. The kind of day where at, maybe, half past nine in the morning with one child glued to the television and the other wandering aimlessly around with porridge, yogurt, banana, and who knows what else plastered on to his pj's and in his hair, and the mammoth mess that comes with coming home after a few days away all over the lounge room - the friendly, local Avon lady knocks on the door. Yay. And she's not the kind who just collects her catalogue and leaves, she's comin' on in for a chat.

It was one of those days where you go to the pantry and pull out a bottle to make yourself a nice refreshing all natural (yes, I'm sure) lemon cordial, and in doing so knock out one of the pegs holding the top shelf up and watch like it's happening in slow motion as the entire contents of the top shelf cascade out, clunking you on the head before it all hits the floor. A large glass bottle filled with rice smashed - glass and rice everywhere. Broom is missing in action. Find a little dust pan brush but no dust pan. Get vacuum cleaner. Vacuum up half the mess before the vacuum cleaner stops working. The little 'switch self cleaning hepa filter' or whatever it is, is flashing so I take that out and flip it round. Still doesn't work. Decide the barrel is just too full so pull that off and somehow open it before I get to the bin and half a kg of rice and about a weeks worth of other floor scum (which is a lot in this house) all over the floor.
Kids want to play in it.
Clary does play in it.
Empty the rest of it in to the actual bin.
Clary picks piece of toast with vacuum cleaner scum on it out of the bin and tries to eat it.
Decide to try and get the kids to have a sleep so I can sort out the vacuum cleaner/glass, rice and scum-on-floor problem in peace.
Kids don't want to sleep.
I shut the door on them and tell them they are not allowed to come out.
Five minutes later figure I better go and let them out.
We have one of those cheap full length mirrors in our room, the kind you get from Bunnings and I think they're designed to be attatched to your wardrobe, back of the door or whatever. Except if you're lazy and just couldn't be bothered like me, you just lean them up against the wall. Hang on, we had one of those mirrors. Don't anymore. Kids knocked it over and, I figure, they must have jumped on it. Mirror side down, backing side up, so no injuries. Also no vacuum cleaner to clean up all the little shards of glass.
So close the door on that room until further notice.
Get hepa filter out of vacuum cleaner and clean in luke warm water (as per instructions) with toothbrush (not in instructions but I just couldn't see any other way to do it). Wait for that to dry and put back in. Still doesn't work.
Rice and crap being spread all through the house.

So you may have figured out that I have just put in any old unrelated photos with this post. Yes. I put them in a) because I figured my description of this day has been boring enough, do you really need pictures to go along with it?? and b) to remind myself that today was just an off day and life generally really is pretty bloody fabulous.

This is Ruby and I dancing on the table.
And this is our dress up case. It's completely overflowing and we need a bigger one. I just love this case though because it's red with black pinstripe corduroy type fabric on the outside and that lovely pink lining inside.

oh, eventually the vacuum cleaner started working again. Thank God.


ingrid said...

Oh golly! I am glad you didnt take pictures, I fear they would have been far to similar to a horror movie. The table dancing and dress-ups are a far nicer way to break the news of such a terrible day.

Oh and I am glad the vacuum started up again. Mine has died after being used during our floor sanding and I just cant convince it to get going again.

Natasha said...

What a day.

We had to get a new vacuum just recently. We always break glass too.

Glad yours is working again.

Did you end up buying something from the Avon Lady?

Angela said...

OMG! What a day.