Monday, May 17, 2010

So, I think most people that know me well know that I dream of one day having a portrait photography business. To try and help fund my little venture I am trying my hand at selling some non-portait-y photo canvases in a local cafe. I hung five canvases last week and two have sold.
Tonight I have just ordered two more to fill those blank spots on the wall. This is one of them.It's one canvas, storybook style. Didn't really want that white space between the two but had didn't know how to get rid of it. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gee, well some things just never change do they. I've been trying to load photos for this post for half an hour and blogger is being 'difficult'. I am going to go on regardless, in case I change my mind and can this now.
I am going to give you a very brief idea of what's been happening in my world since my last post. Very brief. I will gloss over lots of things and omit others altogether. And no, I 'm not omitting things because they are outrageously scandelous or anything exciting like that, I am omiting things that are tedious and boring. Although, no doubt, I will continue to include things that are tedious and boring.
I rely on your initiative to look at the stuff that interests you and ignore the rest.

Three weeks after my last post last year I lost my Dad to pancreatic cancer. I am not one of these people who writes beautifully and expresses themselves well with the written word, so I will not do him the disjustice of trying to say anything more about it here. I loved him very much and still some days when I think of him I 'forgot' that we no longer have him. It sucks. Plain and simple.

I have had to acknowledge that I am mum to two kids and will not be mum to three, four, or five children. That sucks also. Again I am not at all eloquent with words and won't try to be so. While I have constant reminders of how very lucky I am to have the children I have that doesn't actually take away the urge to slow down and grab things I do not, and will not, need as I cruise down the baby aisle in the supermarket. Nothing, if not utterly pathetic, really.

And that's all I have to say about the sad parts of life lately. I am not here to spread the misery, I am here to obliterate it.

On to the happy stuff.

My big girl turned 5 and started school. These two things happened within two days of each other. She learned to tolerate (oh, actually no she didn't tolerate it, scratch that) having her hair brushed properly and pulled up into little pigtails in order for me to indulge my love of hair ribbons on little girls. School was the perfect excuse. I told her she HAD TO have her hair done like that. School rules, I said. Yes, I'm quite sure there is a place in hell for mums like me, lol.

I turned into a mad woman, reigniting my passion for covering school books in brown paper and whatever else takes my fancy.

She had her first 'proper' party. The kind where you actually invite people who aren't related to you. It was still pretty small, we had it in our back yard. We decorated the Hills Hoist and had sack races and a pinata and one of those smash-it-up pinata cakes, do you know the ones I mean. It was fun.
I would show you pictures but Blogger just isn't coming to the party on that.
Clary turned three!!! I still can't believe it. He is hungry 24 hours a day, sneaky, and into everything, ALL THE TIME. So I guess, just another little boy, lol.
Oh, and I got married! Yay me. In fact got married so recently that I don't even have my photos yet to show you. Although I can give you a sneak peak over at the photographers blog here. Carsonhall Photography are Fiona and Bec and they are completely lovely.
We had the best day ever on our wedding day, it was fabulous. An on-a-budget, big fat country wedding. Fun. After eight years together and a seven year engagement I guess we just thought it was time, lol.
And in between all of that I continue to make big messes in my house, feed my magazine addiction and bake cakes and yummy bikkies to try and compensate for the fact that I am the worlds worst cook. Love to bake. Hate to cook.
And while this pav may look like a train wreck. It tasted divine.
And thank you Jody and Amber for your comments yesterday. Appreciated.
: )

Monday, May 10, 2010

So if a man speaks his mind in a forest and no woman hears him, is he still wrong??
Oh, I am kidding people (although I still find that VERY funny), don't hate me. What I'm really wondering is, if I start posting again, will anyone actually be reading? Yes, it has been some time between posts. I think I am ready to blog again. Is anyone ready for the blah, blah, blah?